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Discussion: Smart Practice Exam Problems

I am trying to access a smart practice exam that I have previously activated.  I have rescheduled my test to the next testing window twice and I am scheduled to take the AIS 25 exam on June 13, 2013.  I cannot locate my smart practice exam anywhere on the site and need it to study!!!!! 

Yes, I did.

When I enter the course AIS 25 and go to my online learning, there are no courses listed and the exam does show. I had previously started the exam several months ago but now it's not there.

When I enter the code I get a message that says you are attempting to activate an exam that has already been activated and you only need to activate it once.

Somone just posted that the exams are only available for 9 months online and I would need to contact the Institutes to see if they can reset it?

Hi Amy---Are you still in need of assistance for this? Please let me know or feel free to contact Customer Service directly at or 1-800-644-2101. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.