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CPCU 500

July 15, 2013 by Katherine Towne

I am taking this test in 2 weeks and was wondering what I should be studying or what is most helpful to study before the exam?

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Serena Garrahan 595 days ago

Hi Katherine,

I took this test in April. I always find the course guide questions and online practice tests helpful. For the practice tests, I do each individual chapter 2-3 times to make sure I get all of the questions they pull from and then I do a practice test and then the final practice test. Just note that they won't ask you the same exact things on the real test. Make sure you understand the concept behind the questions and you will be fine. They stayed pretty true to the key objectives in this test, so if you also have the review notes book, that will be helpful for a quick review. The questions are pretty well spread out among the chapters, so one chapter won't make or break you. I think this test was a little shorter than the others (not 85 questions) and was 30 minutes less time wise, so be prepared for that. Definitely us the mark questions feature when taking the test on ones you aren't sure of so you can go back at the end and review those ones specifically.