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ARM Designation

July 11, 2013 by Ehime Agboh

Has anyone attempted taking all 3 ARM exams within 3 months? I ordered the materials for all 3 exams, and I just received them 2 days ago. I'm trying to decide whether to return the ARM 55 and ARM 56 materials and just focus on passing the ARM 54 exam within the July to September window, or attempt to take all 3 exams within the window.

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Lynda A Sergeant 602 days ago

I'm finishing up my ARM now. 3 exams in 3 months would be challenging, to say the least!

Dennis Ouna 601 days ago

Just trying to reapeat ARM 56 now over a year in so 3 months a real tall order

Christopher Sheau 601 days ago

I think that is a bit ambitious. However, if you plan on completing the designation, no need to return the books, just take the remaining exams in future windows.