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Hearing What Isn't Said: Learning to Communicate With Different Personalities

September 30, 2014 by Mary Ann Cook

Personalities vary widely, and to ensure effective communication, agents must have a real understanding of these differences. Check out my Spotlight, "Hearing What Isnt Said: Learning to Communicate With Different Personalities," here:

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Man versus Nature: Nature Wins (for now)

May 21, 2013 by Mary Ann Cook

Despite the best construction techniques, despite the best risk management measures, despite warning times of 16 minutes that exceeded the national average (13 minutes), we see that in Oklahoma yesterday, the power of Nature’s F4 (possibly F5) tornado, with 200 mph winds (some of F5s can attain 300mph wind speeds for a time at their cores) trumps our poor ability to withstand a direct hit every time.

But we know that even as our hearts grieve for the losses that our friends, neighbors, and... Read full post

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Fess up: How do you study for an Institutes’ exam?

February 4, 2013 by Mary Ann Cook

What tools or methods do you use most – or would you like to see? For instance, last semester I taught a great group of students CPCU 520 - Insurance Company Operations (a weekly course format). While they all planned to take the exam (and did), it seemed to me that they relied on the weekly class to review the assignment (rather than do a lot of reading ahead and using the course guide) and collaborate on questionable issues in-class. Then they prepared for the exam by intensively reviewing... Read full post

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"Panic Room" Sandy Style: Keeping up with Catastrophe Amenities du Jour

January 15, 2013 by Mary Ann Cook

Individuals and businesses are willing to pay big dollars for prime real estate locations on or near the water. The same is true of property locations in other areas where natural disasters are known to occur. A recent New York Times article noted that in the days and weeks after Hurricane Sandy, high-end real estate developers rushed to equip their buildings with such amenities as natural gas-fueled generators, emergency power and lighting to elevators and individual units, and even watertight... Read full post

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